Our Design Process

We start by finding out as much information as possible about the client's company. How long are they in business, who are their customers? We do a deep dive into them and their motivations for approaching us and what their desired goals from this process would be, whether that by design or photography.

We like to fully understand the clients business to deliver the best possible product from them, we have had clients tell us that this initial fact finding meeting has helped them understand their own business even more. We like them to provide us with a business model canvas if they have one and talk to us about their USP. Their current marketing strategy if they have one and where they want to use any of the digital assets we create for them. All of this informs our final designs.

We then work with them on a personal level to decide what they like and don't like in terms of logo design / photography / web design and what they do. We start from there and work through to come up with a branding guideline for the customer. At the end of this session we should have some branding guidlines, including colour palette, and a direction they want to take the logo in.

We talk the client through the process and inform them what they will receive from us at the end of the process, we typically will have one to two more meetings before we have a finalised product to get client input on the direction we are working in.

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