Local Business SEO

There are some simple things you can do to get your business SEO ready to compete in rankings for your local area. We will use a case study for one of our clients, Banner Grinds.

They had a website built with squarespace but they were having issues with people finding them naturally through google searches for maths tutoring. We met with them and talked through their requirements and what they wanted to have done. We decided to go with a website redesign to give them better traction and to implement some local SEO techniques which a custom build website allows you to do. Having full control over your websites markup is very important for optimising SEO.

The most important thing you can do for your local SEO is to create a google my business account. Doing this registers your business with google allowing it to become searchable and findable on google maps. This gives your customers more trust in your business as google requires that you verify your ownership and location of your business. We helped Banner Grinds set this up and bring more customers through the door.

Then we worked with them on keyword research to find what their competitors were ranking for on google and also what things people were searching for to find them, using this we were able to use the information from our initial screening session about their ideal customer to target these people and drive engagement to their website.

We then performed a citation audit to determine where any links that were pointing to their website were coming from and make sure the information provided about Banner Grinds on these websites were consistent. This includes anywhere your business is active online for example Facebook or Trip Advisor etc.

Doing these simple steps will put you in a great position to compete in local SEO, if you feel like you want even more then contact us to secure a quote for our SEO services.

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